Friday, June 22, 2018

Sorry, FB friends, I've had my mind of lots of other things than updating you on the End of Life Choice Meetings last weekend.

The sparsely attended National Annual Meeting did all its business fairly easily and returned the existing team for another year. President Maryan Street made sure that we didn't muck around a whole lot over the business.

But there's a sense of "Where do we go now?" with the Justice Committee being given another six months to report back to Parliament. March 2019 seems a long, long way away right now. You would have to feel that it's a deliberate strategy to dilute the debate. It certainly dilutes my chance of the Bill being passed in time for me to ask for Medical Aid in Dying if I need it.

In this awkward interim it would be easy for us to fire off a lot of publicity that got lost to sight by the time the bill is actually getting back into Parliament. But there are things that we can do with the existing internet capability and I must do some thinking about some new stuff on my own changing situation.

On the second day we attended the district Annual Meeting which was also a fairly quiet affair but featured a really interesting report by Jack Havill on recent surveys of doctors. It seems there is a substantial body of medicos who will be willing to work in Medical Aid in Dying when the Bill is eventually put into law. This gives the lie to objections that there won't be enough doctors to manage the programme.

Then yesterday I did an interview with a couple of Communications students who are doing a doco on the issue. The interviewer had really done his research (he'd already interviewed "Turkey" Collins and David Seymour) and I enjoyed the challenge.

All in all, an interesting few days with EOLC...

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