Monday, June 11, 2018

Moving along....

I didn't mention in my previous post that three or four weeks ago we've been aware of some back pain not related to any heavy lifting. The cancer in my spine is making itself known and lately I've had pain right through my pelvis and hip down to the bottom of my left leg. Another stage in the journey.

Paracetemol, of which I have a very large box, due to a prescription mistake some months ago, did not have the slightest effect.  So I am exploring Voltaren which actually is not used in some countries because of risks apparently not thought quite significant enough by the authorities in this country... Added to that experience is the pre-diabetes Metformin which on the first day blew the entire  contents of my digestive system down the toilet (Maybe just one a day instead of two as prescribed).

All in all I am not competing with some of the folk in our village but fourteen assorted pills a day seems quite a handful when they all have different requirements for proper management.
We now have an appointment for an MRI which will probably only confirm what we already know but may add something to medical knowledge about my ear problem. And we are going to meet the radio-oncologist to discuss some targeted radiation on my spine. Another decision that really need some careful evaluation of discomfort/benefit.

All in all, plenty to think about but it sure keeps one alive and thinking.
And, on Saturday I was astonished out of my mind to be awarded Patroller of the Year. That was a gracious and much appreciated gesture as I drop out of regular patrolling, I am hoping to keep up some contact as a non-patrolling patroller(!)

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