Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Error Messages in LSM - Voting

Parish Council membership must be respected carefully.

A proper election from among the parish membership should put a Council in place each year. If others wish to attend or are invited to be present—

** the seating arrangements should make it clear that they are not voting members

** the record of the meeting should identify them as “observers”

It is too easy for a small group of people who know each other well to become a little relaxed about exactly who has been elected or appointed to make the decisions and carry the responsibility.

This can be a serious problem if conflict arises. But it is easily avoided if there is clarity about exactly who are elected to exercise a vote.

Error Messages in LSM - Conviction

It goes without saying that not all Parish Members will give their fullest support to the LSM strategy. Those who are experiencing deep-seated objections need particular pastoral support—

** They may have formally objected to the decision
** Or you may notice they have just gone very quiet;
** They have not been open to reviewing their point of view as time has gone on.

Whatever their situation, they may require specialised pastoral care over a long period. People do not change their basic convictions easily and may need help to accept a situation which they may feel has been pushed on them by an insensitive majority of the membership.