Saturday, June 30, 2018

Moving along some more

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We've now done the MRI which I believe showed nothing untoward in my right ear which went into low gear when we were on a cruise last January.
We have had a thoroughly pleasant interview with our Rad/Oncologist and we have agreed to go on a short course of radiation therapy, starting this coming week. If it's no worse than 2014, I guess I will cope with it OK.
But my tests this week aren't so great. My blood sugar is right up in the diabetic range and seems not to have responded to Metformin at all. The latter, however, made a huge impression on my digestion as reported earlier. 
My PSA shows another increase to 85 - not in itself a massive rise but in the context of the most expensive drug known to Prostate Cancer patients somebody needs to ask the question I asked before we started on it: When is the cost/benefit for a man of 83 simply not justifiable?
I have been getting reasonable pain control from a careful diet of paracetamol and if the radiotherapy is effective I may not need even that for some months. But I am increasingly tired and glad to have given up some major responsibilities in recent week. 

So what is there to complain about? Only the disappointing attitude of the Hearers to submissions on the End-of-Life Choice Bill the other day. The Chair seemed to want to argue with the submitters (on our side, anyway) rather than listen to them. Not a good day for Democracy yesterday.

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