Monday, May 28, 2018

The Ca Pros Report May 2018

We rolled up at Med. Onc. with a large list of reports and queries this morning.
We had an excellent consultation and fairly easily reached agreement that—
·       Blood Pressure is excellent, better than self-checks at home
·       The Scintogram and CT Scan reports suggest intensification of existing cancer in L5/L4 rather than extension to other bone or soft structures as it appeared at first glance
·       An MRI is booked and is still needed, both for Prostate Cancer, a possible spot on my Hippocampus(?) and any possible Ca Pros link with the right ear problem
·       My levels of blood sugar now justify diabetic medication under GP, at least while on Abiraterone which is known to elevate blood sugar levels
·       Although the results from Abiraterone/Zytiga are not outstanding and even a bit disappointing, it seems to have no serious side effects and will continue for the time being
·       Recent back and leg pain is probably caused by the cancer in L4/5 and may well respond to further targeted radiation which will be put in place
·       Recent problems of balance, vertigo, etc  have no clear origin—ear, old age, medications—discuss with GP
·       Occasional problems of low mood—discuss with GP for possible adjustment of Venlafaxine, dose previously reduced for some months
·       Decision to withdraw from Village Minibus driver roster and active Community Patrol was agreed to be appropriate in the light of balance problems

Friday, May 11, 2018

It could have been worse....

So Susan Austen has been fined $7500 for importing an illegal drug. At least she was let off other charges of assisting a friend to end her own life. Susan's been a compassionate but forthright campaigner for the right to have some control over the manner of one's death in certain conditions. If they invite contributions to her fine Bev and I will be happy to send something along.
We need to support the proposed change in law so we can take back control of our own life and death at the end. At the very least the intended law would end the ridiculous 
and illegal charade that was associated with Susan's adventure...  So far, the Police and their wrongful use of a traffic control point have got off lightly!