Thursday, March 28, 2013

We pray for the world

We know Easter is upon us just from looking at the paper or watching TV or walking the shops. On all sides is a bold proclamation of what the community believes is important.

We who treasure some different understandings of Easter properly reject this “secular” celebration of the Season. But we need to remember that the Faith which returned to full life after the central figure in the Jesus Way was crucified is not just for us.

Recently, Ann reminded the Ministry Team of the many Christian communities who maintain regular regimes of prayer. They don’t just pray for the world to get what it wants or needs; they pray on behalf of the world which usually neglects to pray for itself.

Sometimes our insignificant efforts to stand up for meaning in a noisy, uncaring world seem pointless. It seems hopeless to try to persuade today’s secular society that Easter means more than bunnies and chocolate.

Perhaps that’s not what we are called to do. We’re called just to be Christ’s people on behalf of those who can’t be bothered. We’re just called to be faithful. Of course we will speak out about the injustices of a society that is led only by economics and Easter shopping glitz and political expendiency. But, at heart, that’s because we are people of faith.

Easter bunnies have nothing on that!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Do not write your password down


In respect of your requirement that passwords not be written down or stored in a computer, we need some guidance as to how you suggest we remember these. We have checked our memories carefully and find that, between us, we find we have about 130 passwords and other verification which are not to be written down nor stored as above.

If you check our application form for our birth dates you will appreciate that memorising four or six more items of information is now a rather difficult chore (we had to check our birth certificates to get our names right). So we have decided enough is enough and, despite our signatures on the application, we are not confident that our assurance on this issue can be quite absolute. So we are looking for ways of dealing with this situation.

One possibility is that instead of writing down the necessary information, specifically forbidden by you, we write it up, as is usually done of notes after a meeting. These are seldom written down but often written up. This seems to us to be the simplest solution to our dilemma.

However, given that we are quite tech-savvy for a couple of oldies, we have looked for more sophisticated ways of dealing with the problem. So, instead of storing the information in a computer, we presume it would be acceptable to store it in a camera, reel-to-reel tape recorder or audiocassette machine. We can also use a personal digital assistant, electronic address book or recording pen. Looking ahead a little, we might use a wristwatch with recording capability or videoglasses which could portray a visual list of up to 250 items page-turned at the flick of an eyebrow.

Just so that you know we are taking your conditions seriously, perhaps you would give us some guidance as to your realistic expectations.

Thank you for your assistance