Saturday, June 23, 2018

Battle with Cancer?

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As my cancer is beginning to make itself known I am interested to look back fourteen or so years to something that I wrote after surgery. I think it was for my recently-expired website. The theme seems all the more relevant now that I am actually feeling pain.

A year after surgery, when it became apparent that my prostate operation had not been completely successful I was shown an article by Christopher Newell of Tasmania and Christine Newman of Rotorua. In it she insisted that she wasn’t “having a battle with cancer”, she was simply a “person who has cancer”. It was, she said, part of herself and she celebrated herself. 

Christine wrote - 
To embrace my cancer
is to take life moment by moment and to see it in all its glory.
To embrace my cancer
is to see life from a bigger perspective rather than my own little world.
To embrace my cancer is to know
            That my days are numbered,
That I had better get on with things in life that matter,
That I should view life as a treasure not to be wasted
and through all these things, to no longer fear if a tumour appears.
Embracing my cancer
for me brings freedom and acceptance, not fear and rejection.
Embracing my cancer
sees not Satan at work but a God who is in control, no matter what...

I am not quite sure about the "God in control" bit, but I still find her views extremely  helpful.

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