Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Chain of Love?

I have received an email asking me to forward a well-meaning statement about God's love and prayer to twelve friends. This was my answer:

Hi there

     Thank you for your invitation. I am sorry to let you down but I generally try hard not to get involved in "chain" emails, no matter how worthy the cause. Apart from the chore of deciding which ones are serious and which not so serious and which are worthy and which are downright spam, I often handle 30 or more emails a day. Many of them I try to reply to promptly and carefully. I am not always successful in the latter. But I just feel that life isn't meant to be spent just in front of a screen. So some emails get the "SHIFT/DEL" treatment and their senders disappear into the Junk Senders list.
     I won't do that with you! But I have now spent more time on this than if I had just flicked it on to twelve friends, and it's 5.30am on Sunday and I should be doing something else. I certainly don't have time to think through the internet congestion implications of extrapolating an email by a multiplying factor of 12, no matter how biblical or well intentioned it may seem to be.
     But Bev and I do send you our best love. We talk of you and your country often and wish that so many of our distant friends were just that little bit less distant. However, although we don't do anything so well these days we keep having some hopes of being able to travel again, some time, so who knows, we may meet again... That would be great...