Friday, January 22, 2016

What are the Odds?

I note that the InterChurch Bioethics Committee has finished its submission and confirmed that it will not support any change in the law to permit some form of assisted dying. That's a disappointment but hardly surprising; they signalled this view some months ago. One is tempted to guess that the fairly wide range of denominational representation and the emphasis on medicos and traditional theologians may have blunted their approach to the issue.

However, I guess I'd hoped for a more conciliatory participation in a debate rather than a closing of the door to on a changing world.

70-80% of the population have polled for change, but with Parliament and the Churches both determined that nothing will change, and the Committee chairman an avowed opponent of any change, the odds seem to be stacked against the cause.

Just the same, let's keep those submissions rolling in. Last day is 1st Feb. Here's a way to do it:

To:  Parliamentary Health Select Committee currently investigating the Maryan Street Petition (and 8974 others) on Medically Assisted Dying for the terminally ill or those with an irreversible condition making life unbearable.
   ·        Your name and any relevant details about yourself
·        Contact addresses etc
·        The nature of your submission:  for or against etc
·        Any relevant personal experience
·        What you want the committee to decide
·        If it’s more than a page or two, they’d appreciate a summary at the beginning or the end.
·        State if you wish to appear before the Committee

You can do it on-line, or email it to or print out two copies and post it to
Committee Secretariat, Health, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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