Friday, January 29, 2016

Please let us have the choice!

All week we've been watching to see if my story, as prepared by Katie Kenny, has come up in their comprehensive coverage of the euthanasia debate. With submission closing date only two or three days away we were keen to see if my piece would be there.
Well, of course, their video and photographs were done only two days ago, so we were expecting a bit much. And then yesterday, when the piece went live, we were having an extended country drive out to South Kaipara Head.
But we can see it now, and apart from the photos (don't we all hate our own photos?) I am pretty satisfied with the way Katie wrote up my words. And their little video came out pretty well except for my flapping hands being in shot.
My own video has gone over 500 views in the few days it's been up...  For a pretty serious subject, that's encouraging. But I will have to think about changing the ending of it after 1st Feb...

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