Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Scans and Prayer

Yesterday we spent most of the day getting to the hospital and back for a Scintigram. Apart from showing up some cracked ribs from a fall, it doesn't convey much to me.

But when I at last got home it was an interesting challenge to devise a way to prepare a "2014 and 2015" comparison which I am now carrying around on my phone and showing to anyone who asks to see it. (So far, nobody, actually.) 

In the intercession on Sunday morning I was a little disturbed to hear someone read from the circulated prayer book that "we give thanks for David, who is doing much better and we pray for the improvement to continue" or words to that effect. Quite apart from the fact that I didn't give permission to be mentioned in public, I really do not like this book of personal beggings to God in public worship. It too easily becomes just a gossip column and in my case the information given on Sunday was absolutely incorrect. And anyone who has asked me or looked at my blog knows that my PSA has shot up again recently. How can God help the situation when the information offered to her is absolutely incorrect?

But, wait, I have it all wrong. There are no less than three Davids in the church pastoral list. And I am correctly listed as Dave. So it can't be me, can it? 

Or can it? How would I or anyone else know? Let's stop reading out gossip in worship and calling it intercession. 

Toenote (that's a very small footnote) When I led intercession here I just held up the book and prayed "for the people and situations close to our hearts" or something like that... Won't that do?

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