Sunday, May 17, 2015

A change of heart

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It must have taken some political will for the Government to decide to expand the very minimal tax on capital gain from house properties re-sold within a short time. A serious capital gains tax has been a principle that they have consistently refused to entertain. Even the Labour Opposition left it out of their last election manifesto!

But times change, and I have to have some respect for leaders who have become able to re-think decisions and policies that have become out of date. Even if the effect of the change is not likely to be very significant.

I guess it's my hope that the lack of consideration of End of Life Choice will also be something that parliamentarians will re-visit. I fear that particular cause doesn't carry the kind of economic pressure that is coming from the overheated Auckland housing market. But Lecretia Seales' application to the High Court on Monday 25th (See 9th May) is raising public awareness, The moment for a change of thinking may be approaching.

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