Friday, February 19, 2016

The Ca Pros Report

I had my quarterly Zoladex implant today. It's a whacking big needle and is no fun for the tum - but at least it's done for another three months. And, although it's been losing ground against a rising PSA until recently, Zoladex is obviously doing me a lot of good.

Having restrained myself from taking sneak peeks at my PSA levels for the three months since I started on Cyproterone, I did a full test today. My GP phoned tonight with the result: it is 24, exactly half of the last reading.

I was last at 24 several months ago, so the extra medication certainly seems to have given me some additional time with great quality of life.

For a full twelve-month period my doubling rate is still a bit over five months which is fairly high. But, hey, we're pretty thrilled with the downturn...

Another surprise was that my blood sugar level is not as high as it has been for years - I think I should have remembered that Cyproterone, while prescribed for cancer, has been known to have that effect.  All in all, a pretty good report and a long way from the rather gloomy prognosis of three years ago.

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