Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taking life quietly

We're staying for a few days in suburban Canberra and I have already taken a walk in neighbouring bushland.  In less than an hour my sister Marion and I identified more than a dozen bird species. And she told me stories of many more. The place is a "twitcher's" paradise.
Star feature in Canberra's bird population at the moment is a Powerful Owl. It has taken up residence next to the local bowling green in Turner. An immense bird, it's been there for three or so months and there's often a small knot of people clustered beneath the trees to catch a glimpse of it. 
The owl seems completely unimpressed by this attention. It's just getting on with its solitary life and seems quite at home minding its own business.
Perhaps things are a little different when the sun goes down.  But for the moment, "P.O." speaks to me of calm within a world of turmoil. Perhaps I am being reminded to slow down.... 
(Thanks to Lindell Emerton for photo)

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