Monday, February 9, 2015

A bit of a "blue", Diamond Princess!

We've just disembarked from a twelve day cruise around our own country and to three ports in Australia. Diamond Princess and her people did us proud, with special fares and upgrades, spending money to burn, great service and entertainment.

We enjoyed seeing so much of the country that we know well but could now approach from the perspective of the sea. We especially appreciated the good sea conditions that enabled us to tour through five of the sounds of Fiordland National Park. This World Heritage Area provided a spectacular view from our immense ship.

And the ship herself was a wonderful example of human achievement in her seemingly easy negotiation of the very restricted waterways. Altogether, it was a time for awe and wonder.

But in this pristine environment, the cloud of blue exhaust trapped for some time under the low cloud was a jarring spectacle.

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