Monday, February 20, 2012

Giving way to change

     I hate the coming Give Way rule. I don’t care if every other country in the world does it this way, I liked it the way it was. You just had to watch out for everything on your right.
     If the law had to be changed, perhaps we could have done it the way the Irish are suppopsed to have made the change from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left. They couldn’t agree so they decided on a trial first. At midnight, they said, all cars would change to the left side of the road. If the new rule was working OK after six months, trucks and buses would change over, too.
     Changes in the small church sometimes have that kind of rationale about them. Circumstances change, needs alter, key people move away, and events dictate new strategies to cope. Sometimes it seems too complicated, too much altogether. But that’s life. One day I’m feeling so well that, as former parish member George Barke used to say, “If I was any fitter, I’d be dangerous”. The next day I get the report on my latest blood test and am reminded of my fragile mortality.
     As Parish Council has been considering changes in the administrative life of the Parish, they are reminding themselves that what often seems like a threat is sometimes merely a challenge to move on.
     I guess I will cope with the Give Way rule. I will cope with my declining health. And we will cope with changes in the Parish. For that is the way of faith. Editor

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