Sunday, February 26, 2012

76 not out

     We’ve made up some small colour portraits of our members for Terry and Helen to take back to England with them. We’ve kept a set to put on the church wall so visitors will get to know us a little more easily. But someone said, “People will think we’re just a bunch of oldies.”
     Well, yes, we are. That’s our character. That’s our style. That’s what might encourage people like us to become involved. They may recognise something of themselves in us.
     Small congregations like ours don’t have the luxury of being all things to all people. We have steadily maintained our congregation over a couple of decades by providing something that some people have been looking for. It's not a coincidence that most of the "joiners" have been pretty much like ourselves.

     Perhaps we need some little posters made from these cheerful portraits with wording like, “"I'm Bev. I'm fun. I like people. Meet me at 35 Kings Rd 915am any Sunday”.
    Hey, now there’s a recruitment idea.

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