Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trusted and trusty

A few days ago someone was moved to give me some pretty negative feedback on my behaviour. It was pretty painful and, while I felt some of the criticism was misplaced, I have been going over my attitudes and views with a fine-tooth comb ever since.

And I'm coming to see that not only was I indeed somewhat negative in some of the ways that were suggested to me, but I was also becoming resentful about getting feedback that fell short of the mark. All in all, I've become grumpy over just about everything - I feel I'm just the local sucker who can be blamed for everything. I think I'll go down the garden and eat worms.

Today I came across Steve Goodier's post on the people of Wetumka and why every year they celebrate "Sucker's Day". He says it'd be better to be a sucker for a day than unhappy for a lifetime. And contented people trust easily - even when they might be proved wrong - and are themselves trustworthy. It's a great story and it did a lot for my mood this morning.

You can read it here.

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