Monday, May 11, 2009

Any Old Junk??

Our parish had a doozie of a garage sale at church last Saturday. The Country and Western Music Festival brought a lot of people into town and they saw our notices and a lot of our “stuff” went to new homes far away. We raised over $500 which will go to our emergency reserve for personal need in our communities.
Bev and I contributed quite a bit in a burst of tidying up. It’s amazing how much “stuff” that is kept for years because it may be valuable some time actually goes out the door for next to nothing when you cut the ties!
It’s a bit the same with writing my life story. All the gems of insights and experiences which offer some hints of my life, when they’re set out in 600 pages of text, look about as interesting as junk at a garage sale. All the issues that seemed important enough to record at the time seem to have very little relevance now.
But, as those who came to the sale found things that they had been looking for and talked us down to outrageously low prices to get them, perhaps in my tortuous prose there will be a few worthwhile bits and pieces. One I've just found is a magazine article called “A Team for Local Ministry’. There’s an interesting section on
functions in (LSM) ministry that I don’t think I would want to change much at all – it was published in May 1990.

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