Monday, March 23, 2009

Watch How you Go!

We gave ourselves and our tiny rental car a bit of a challenge when we turned off the main road at Lawrence and headed for Waipori on a small rough backcountry road. There were relatively few signposts but one that caught the attention was one of those signs that are designed to be unfolded and displayed. Usually they warn of flooding or frosty or slippery conditions ahead and are only opened up and displayed when necessary.
They are usually in two pieces. The top half conveys the nature of the danger ahead. The bottom section usually indicates the location of the problem, be it in 100 metres or for the next ten kilometers.
Here’s a photo of the sign that we came upon while our little car was straining itself over a steep hill. Whatever it was supposed to warn us about remained a mystery but it was clear that the danger existed for the next fifteen kilometres.
I don’t know if I watched out for floods, frost and slips all the way across the beautiful rolling country to Lake Mahinerangi but it gave me something to think about. There must be another parable of life in there. Think about it.

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