Monday, April 23, 2018

Medical Medical

I viewed a documentary on the making of "Grey's Anatomy" a few years ago. The Director said that when they were writing the script there were many places where the script had a gap merely marked "Medical Medical". That's where they called in the advisors to script medically correct words for the procedures being shown on screen.

My life is just entering a phase of "Medical Medical". Today we reported to the ear specialist and had a fascinating time. The outcome seems to be that the almost total loss in my right ear was indeed due to the chill and infection from over-zealous airconditioning on our cruise in January. Nothing much can be done for it, Hearing aids will increase the overall level of good audio in my "good" ear but they will also amplify the unpleasant interference that still comes through the right. However, there's a device some some musicians use (Dr Bill plays the bagpipes!) that may ease this. We're going to look into that.

I also gave up about six vials of blood for three sets of tests - my bone density, my blood sugar (a bit worrying, that one) and the usual raft of items for my cancer. And about now I need to submit to the injector that inserts another dose of Zoladex into by abdomen. I have received an appointment with Nuclear Medicine for a bone scintigram and am expecting to have at least one MRI and a more or less ordinary CT scan in the coming weeks. "Medical Medical" indeed...

Somewhere in my Future Directives there is a statement that I do not wish in the last stages of my condition to participate in purely diagnostic procedures. It's interesting that a lott of this activity comes into that category. But perhaps some inconvenience on my part will contribute to some new knowledge about the development of advanced, metastatic, castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, Bev and I have some living to do and I have a Village Newsletter to publish.

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