Monday, March 5, 2018

The Ca Pros Report

A good time today with the chief of our department. My PSA is back up at 60, but that's not higher than it was when I began on Abiraterone/Zytiga eight months ago. It is a little disappointing that this stuff hasn't had more impact. But for the present we will continue on with it, aware that there are no significant things to try when this ultimate medication ceases to be effective.

We are reducing the accompanying steroid medication to 50% to try to minimise  the skin damage that has been occurring. And if my GP doesn't refer the significant loss of hearing in my right ear (since a bad chill on the cruise last month) to ENT dept, our consultant will organise an MRI anyway. He speculates that bone damage from the cancer could possibly be restricting the nerves from the ear where they pass through a small bone tunnel - that's one possibility we didn't think of!

And, routinely, I have to do another bone scan to see if the cancer is making much progress in my spine. And probably a CT scan as well.  I gently object that none of these will actually do anything to halt the cancer, but, heck, he is so keen to keep me as a living, breathing, example of the wonders of modern medicine. And there possibly be some targeted radiation to come. So, Ok, we will cooperate as well as we can while the quality of life is as good as it is these days. We are so fortunate.

As ever, we had a fun time with this engaging consultant.

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