Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another "flag" Referendum?

I understand the challenges facing the parliamentarians who have cobbled together enough agreed policies to hold the government coalition together. But I am dismayed that among these compromises is the possibility that we might have a referendum on End of Life Choice. This must be seen as nothing more than a delaying tactic. It will provide no dramatically new information at all.
Of course, polls are never precise predictors of a formal vote, but the last few polls on the issue have received support of up to 75% in favour of some change in the law. The poll running on Stuff this morning is 78% in favour. There's not much doubt about what the majority of NZ voters would like. Indeed, many of them would go much further than the proposed Bill.

Join the poll here.

I am gratified that the House will at least discuss the merits of the Referendum before proceeding. And it's good that the Referendum decision itself can be a conscience vote. Perhaps wisdom may prevail. Members on both sides of the issue will have the memory of $27 million spent on a flag referendum that came to nothing.

Just get on with the David Seymour Bill that is already on the table.

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