Friday, June 30, 2017

The Ca Pros Report

Otherwise known as the Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer report (I am now officially diagnosed as MCRPC.

After one month on Abiraterone my PSA is not significantly down but at least it's what the white-coated ones call "static". And, checking my pulse and blood pressure once a week and measuring my ankles now and then, I seem to have had no discernible side effects. So far, so good.

Part of taking out this new lease on life involved accepting nomination for the Village Residents' Club Committee and at the annual meeting yesterday I was elected. That'll be an interesting and challenging experience as the previous committee was not highly regarded. But there will be some people who won't necessarily want a whole lot of change at once. We are going to have to take it very quietly, I suspect.

Another annual meeting tomorrow. I expect to be coming off the Community Patrol Board  but will continue with media and promo work. Which will probably mean I will have to go to meetings anyway! But it's good to see some new people offering... and we have a very substantial team of volunteers these days as the profile of the Patrol is being raised in the community...

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