Thursday, May 11, 2017

PSA down? Really?

Well, yesterday's PSA test, exactly a month since my last one, is actually down from 60 to 56. It's not a significant change but it's better than another "three-month" doubling. That would have been pretty serious.
We have an appointment for next Tuesday and the big question of what happens then will be high on the agenda. We have a large list of issues we wish to discuss. But the gist is that we continue to be comfortable about resisting further intervention just for the sake of three months of extra life at the end... Whenever that might be.
We don't want to seem ungrateful to a benificent health system but the outrageous cost for those additional three months of life does not seem to be justified in someone of my age and relative health. If I felt a whole lot worse because of the disease I suppose I might feel differently about medicating to postpone the inevitable... But the reality is that for nearly fifteen years my quality of life has been affected only by the side effects of medication, never by any symptoms of the disease.
Abiraterone is maybe too much, too soon...

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