Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Ca Pros Report

After nearly a year of stable PSA at around 25 - 28, in December it shot up to 48, so my March test was anticipated with a good deal of interest. Done a few days ago, this one was 50 - almost stable for another three month period. It's very strange. Just as well that it is always only a guide to what is going on rather than a precise measure.
The same week I suffered the three monthly Zoladex implant, with the aid of half a tube of Emla cream to deaden the pain. Then last Friday I did the annual scintogram. It was this scan that three years ago showed that the cancer had spread to my spine. For the last couple of years that spot has remained pretty constant.
This time, however, I have two new hotspots in my elbows. Of course the official view and any consideration of what might be done next won't be known until I have another consult with Medical Oncology. If they don't call me up in the next week or two I will give them a bit of a prompt. Apart from anything else, I need another prescription for the meds which have given such an improved quality of life over the last year or so.
Meanwhile, we've been getting on with our very busy lives around here. And just had a great weekend away at Paihia, leading worship and visiting friends and generally relaxing. Oh, yes, and visiting our old home which is being dramatically extended out towards the road frontage. Very interesting.

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