Wednesday, December 14, 2016

MAID in Canada

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A good friend of ours has shared some notes on Canada’s new provisions for Physician Assisted Dying. In that country it’s termed Medical Assistance in Dying, MAID. And, of course, it's now become legal. 

However, hopeful reformers there are afraid that the legislation is too limited. For instance, when people sign the request for MAID, there have to be two witnesses in attendance. But there are so many restrictions around who these witnesses can be, that it is simpler if they are complete strangers.

So our friend has volunteered to be a witness and has in fact done it three times.  The patients can’t have MAID for at least ten days after signing and of course can change their mind at any time, or they can wait for as long as they like. On a whimsical note, she told us, "One woman was very interested in my red boots and asked me where I got them.  And I thought to myself, `Surely she isn’t going to go out to buy boots at this point.`"

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