Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is there another way?

 It seems likely that Parliament is not in a hurry to initiate a comprehensive law for Assisted Suicide. But nor can they easily bring in legislation to prevent the many “managed” deaths that take place already. The status quo is likely to continue in some form or other.

So, instead of putting all our energy into legislating for a comprehensive regime about end of life in general, why don’t we direct attention at the legal issue which inhibits more doctors from exercising the kind of compassion that many do already?

I don’t know much about the legal complexities but it seems to me that adjusting the section of the Crimes Act that makes it illegal to assist a person to suicide would be simpler than trying to achieve agreement for a comprehensive protocol to cover every possible kind of assisted death.

Could we not let the medical profession continue to use its own judgments while knowing that the law no longer makes them vulnerable to a criminal charge. 

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