Monday, July 11, 2016

More on the Ca Pros Report and Barbershop Chorus

The radiologist who checked my bone scans a few days ago seems to have decided that there were no significant changes in my condition since last time. So I guess that's what we will hear when we meet the oncologist again in early August. By that time there will have been another set of the usual blood tests, too. Another challenge. Another milestone.

Meanwhile, in the absence of our musical director, I managed our Barbershop Chorus' invitational presentation at the Country Music Rally in Wellsford yesterday. Fairly demanding, trying to contribute the only tenor voice in the chorus as well as conducting. But we were very generously received. Especially with our first presentation of Country Roads, tackled especially for this group. We were certainly a big contrast to the noise of a seven piece band on stage - they drowned out most of the other vocal contributions.

I could never have done that before the medication we tried to end some ten years of regular hot flushes... How life can be improved with a small, cheap daily pill!

We're off now for ten days to check out the families in the south. We have started loading the car and there seems to be something for everyone in three households. A regular Grandfather Christmas trip in midwinter...

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