Monday, May 2, 2016

PSA much the same...

When we saw my consultant a few weeks ago he wanted to step up our routine tests to two-monthly. He was concerned about the effect of the heavy medication on my liver. But I suggested we continue with three monthly checks and that was agreed. With three-monthly implants and consultations I felt it would keep life simple if the tests continued on that basis, too.

Well, over the last couple of weeks I have been wondering how it was all going. I wasn't overly worried, but having been doing PSA tests every month I was a little curious as to how things were going.  So last week I presented myself for the three-month tests at just two months. The girl doing the job queried the order and I said airily, "Oh, we've decided to do it every two months" and she went ahead. 
My GP's nurse kindly looked up the scores for me next day.  PSA still 24, still up, but almost exactly static for the third month in a row. And my liver, she said, was "great". All very encouraging....

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