Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Report

We had our three monthly consultation today, a month behind schedule, but with the advantage of an extra PSA test sneaked in.

The Cyproterone commenced in December halved my PSA in three months and the latter has stayed at that level for some further weeks. On the face of it, this fifth intervention since I got the diagnosis has given us several more months of quality lifespan. The cancer itself is still not making itself felt, and some of the side effects I've been experiencing have been successfully reduced.

All in all, a very satisfactory prospect, with the huge increases of last year stopped and even reduced for a time.  Cyproterone could be increased in strength if my PSA starts to climb steeply again.

However, the combined medications are likely to have some effect on my liver sooner or later and we will continue to monitor this regularly. And ongoing Zoladex could undermine my general health and fitness. In a period in which I have just lost a couple of kgs (due to a really bad lurgy?) that's something that I can see I have to continue to work on.

But the overall picture seems to be of rather better prospects than we were facing three years ago.

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