Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hanging in there with prostate cancer

The second of my regular monthly PSA tests shows 24% increase on last month but the average doubling time since March is still about 3.6 months. The slowdown since the horrific jump earlier in the year seems to be continuing.

It's about a year since I had the small dose of radiation on my lower spine and my PSA is now well above what it was when that was done. It looks as if the nett effect of the radiation on my PSA's progress is to knock it back for about nine months. That has to be a good result, considering the quality of life I have been enjoying over that year. My worst discomfort is still being caused by the medications, not the disease. After some 14 years, that's pretty good.

So life is continuing on its busy way. The book of Family Budgeting history is now online and I am starting some slow work on a print copy in case there is enough interest to justify a modest printrun. The Barbershop Chorus and especially the quartet is developing some very satisfying results and both of us have been contributing quite a bit to local church life as well as making our presence felt in the 360-strong Village community. Bev's set up a proper system of some mysterious nature for the indoor bowls group and I've coordinated a review of the audio system and its operation. I've done three CP patrols in the last few weeks and produced some good newsletters and a recruitment handbill. At home I've upholstered a rather worn dining chair and converted several hundred old colour slides for computer viewing and fitted a pair of novel but dubiously legal reading lights above our bed. But we've also been getting out and about a good deal, seeing a few good shows locally, doing some interesting walks and exploring some new corners of the region. Gosh, this is beginning to look like our annual newsletter - perhaps we'll be too busy to do one this year!

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