Sunday, September 20, 2015

Failure in UNlearning

Image result for windows 7For years I have edited video in Pinnacle Studio, graduating to version 11+. That was fine until I changed my computer out of Windows XP. Studio would not run in Windows 7. So after a lot of thought I ordered up the latest version of Studio, v18. It looked like a big step up but it was much bigger than I anticipated. The entire interface had been changed. Everything was different. Nothing was where I expected to find it. I even didn't know what things to look for, never mind where to find them. Eventually I gave up the whole thing as a bad job.
It was not just a matter of learning a whole lot of new stuff; I had to UNlearn all the things I had been used to for years. It was the UNlearning that defeated me.

A lot of Christians are in the same position. Sometimes it is not so hard to learn new stuff about the faith as it is to give up what we thought was fine - half a century ago...

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