Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More ups and downs of PSA doubling times

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Today's appointment at Medical Oncology, at my suggestion, has been postponed. There being - unprecedentedly! - no significant change in my PSA for the last month, there wouldn't have been much to talk about. Up or down, another month may give us a better picture.

But I appreciate that doubling in the last three months is still a pretty steep increase. Not as steep as the two months of June/July, but still steep. So I am probably just delaying the inevitable. The white-coated ones really would like me to accept the government's offer of their fancy new drug. All my friends say "Of course you should do it." Even my very sympathetic GP, when discussing the prospect of 4.6 extra months of life in exchange for lowered quality of life from the drugs, wondered out loud:  "Well, you never know; a cure might be found in that 4.6 months!".  Now that's clutching at straws....

Right now my quality of life is very good and I am reluctant to submit it to the massive list of possible side effects of a very heavy drug regime in the hope of squeezing out a few more months at the end.

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