Saturday, June 27, 2015

Violence and mayhem in the night - a Human Right?

Another shooting tragedy in the USA must make a lot of us think. But before we in New Zealand rush into print about the inability of American people to adapt their views and legislate on gun control or race issues we should reflect on what was announced last week about the liquor regulations in Auckland.

The draft regulations proposed quite substantial changes to the availability of alcohol on Auckland streets at night. There has been a lengthy period of public consultation with strong support from health authorities, the Police and the general public. 

But lobbying by the “hospitality” industry has successfully and substantially watered the proposals down. It’s as if the Auckland public’s right to tolerate a large amount of violence, injury and general mayhem in the overnight streets is as precious to them as the American right to bear arms is to the American Rifle Association. At least the latter have an interpretation of their Constitution to bolster a thin case.

Not so in this country.

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