Monday, December 22, 2014

Te Harinui

With the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the first white settlers, and the first proclamation of the Christian Gospel in New Zealand, Willow Macky's Te Harinui is a shoe-in for the Christmas service Bev and I are leading next Sunday at Paihia.  

I am not a pedant about pronunciation but I will once more try to encourage the congregation to sing the hymn title correctly. Many people, without thinking, sing Te Haranui... So what's the difference, I wondered just now. Does it really matter?

A quick look at a Maori dictionary suggests that it does matter:  As a noun, Haranui would be "the great  sin, foul, crime, offence, transgression, wrongdoing, gaffe, infringement, fault, problem", etc.  Not quite in the spirit of,  "Behold I bring glad tidings of great joy"

Yes, I will once more remind people that we sing Te Harinui, The Great Joy...

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