Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Particularly Chilling Video Clip? Indeed!

I've just received a "particularly chilling video clip" which is a very professional-looking interview predicting that the population of Belgium will be taken over by Shariah Muslim in a few years. It looks very convincing and I imagine that a lot of people who have received it will take it as some kind of gospel.

But "CBN" which has produced it appears to be run by a bunch of Christians every bit as fanatic and conservative as the Shariah Muslims in Belgium or anywhere else. Alas, conservative extremists in every religion get far more publicity than the most moderate in every religion. And when fanatics set themselves up to look like impartial news facilities and use the simplicity of the internet to get their message out they do no favours to any religion.

This is a time when the three great faiths that name Abraham as their father are finding some ways of listening and speaking to each other. In many places there is immense progress in understanding and mutual respect. But not, it seems, among the fanatics. Their extreme and abusive and insensitive attitudes, whether demonstrated in military might or subtle persuasion in the public media, are chilling indeed.

But wait a bit. Wasn't Jesus a fanatic? Yes, he was: for love and peace among people of all kinds.

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