Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where to go on Sunday

      Bev and I had a busy time while down south last month and it wasn’t always possible to attend worship on Sundays. But when we did, we became very aware of the difficulty of finding a place to worship.
     Information was quite hard to find: times and places were sometimes incorrectly advertised on notice boards, websites and newspapers. All the apologies in the world don’t make up for wrong information.
     But more important for us was what kind of service did we want to attend? Time was when you looked for the nearest church of your denomination. But these days that doesn’t work for us any more. There are Methodist churches which are as “progressive” as we could hope for and others that offer a couple of hours of something more like we might find at the local pentecostals. And there are not many in between those extremes.
     You might say, “Never mind what it’s like, it just matters that you attend”. We don’t feel like that any more. Doing worship well matters. It is vitally important for both the participants and their communities.
     I would like to think that our little congregation's worship leaders will continue to have a sense of that importance. Meanwhile, we have a new noticeboard... and I should take a photo and add it to this....

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