Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A DIY Murder Mystery

The Girls Brigade national conference had a great evening with our Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday night. Bev and I had a ball, as did 112 others from around the country.
But the night before, at Mahurangi East Community Church they did the show by themselves. This wasthe first time in 14 events it was not managed by me personally but Ferelyth Roffey reports that it went very well. “We had no power cuts but we did set off the smoke detector which blared out before the main course and added to the enjoyment of the evening.”
She said that the diners listened to the personal statements in absolute silence, eyes riveted to the speaker so as not to miss a word. The script was excellent. As the suspects moved around the tables the volume of conversational/questioning rose exponentially. All reports indicate a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Ferelyth says they chose their suspects, “on the basis of who was keen and who was available” not on the basis of acting ability. “The script is robust. A little hesitation and the odd bumble in reading probably added authenticity to their statements.” She felt that any group could give it a go. Her full report from Snell's Beach is here.
Ask me for the CD and your group is in business.

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  1. I presume you are talking about a Ferelyth Roffey from Snells beach. Would love her to come over to Brisbane and organise a Murder Mystery Dinner for us:-) Her husband is Graeme. We were great friends when we all lived in Wellington. Kind regards to Ferelyth if you are talking to her. I am on facebook if she wants to go down that line. Thanks Christine Mary Burns